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Microsoft Developers Community

Giving developers the information and abilities they need to create reliable, scalable, and effective solutions is one of the community’s main goals. The community holds frequent events, workshops, and tech sessions led by industry leaders to accomplish this. These conferences address a wide range of subjects, including software architecture, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

The community understands the value of soft skills and the art of problem-solving in addition to technical proficiency. It gives its members plenty of chances to improve their capacity for teamwork, communication, and leadership. In today’s fast-paced digital business, where the capacity to adapt, collaborate, and communicate effectively is highly prized, these traits are considered to be vital.

We are dedicated to leaving a long-lasting mark on Ahmedabad’s tech community, advancing development, and motivating the following generation of Microsoft developers as we expand and evolve. Come along with us on this captivating growth and transformational journey!

Why Choose Us?​

Our Misson

Empowering Microsoft developers globally through collaboration, innovation, and inclusive community support.

Our Values

Inspiring innovation through collaboration, the Microsoft developer community in Ahmedabad fosters growth and inclusivity, empowering individuals to create impactful solutions.


Dedicated to cultivating talent and fostering creativity, our community of developers at Microsoft embraces diversity and collaboration to drive technological excellence and innovation.